Moon Cake Festival

Today is Moon Cake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. I don't know much about the stories behind it other than it has something to do with the full moon and some guy and his wife... ROFLMAO!!! Although, come to think of it, there is another story of how moon cakes were used to carry secret messages during a time of turmoil in China. For more detail about this, please visit the ever helpful Wiki. I'm such a wealth of information, aren't I? ;)

What I remember most about it growing up is eating moon cake, yummmmm, and walking around with lit up lanterns with the other kids in the neighborhood. To this day, I remember festive lanterns being displayed and sold way before the festival, and inevitably every year, I'd pick a cellophane fish lantern... really, how could anyone resist a face like that? LOL!

Since Moon Cake Festival fell on a weekend this year, we got together for dinner at Ailin and Ian's, and decided to make wonton soup and 'kon low mein' with shredded chicken, mushroom, and chinese broccoli. Needless to say, we ate like pigs (what else is new?), and the rest of the night was filled with groans of gluttonous agony as our stomachs rebelled at being force to expand beyond nonhuman proportions.

This would've been a shot of the beautiful moon cakes that Ailin bought this year, but apparently Ian has secret aspirations of becoming a hand model. :P


Sexy Fairy said…
Why didn't you invite me? *pout* *pout*

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