New Start! New Start!!

It's official!! EK and I are finally insane!!! All the crazy hours of work has finally caught up to us, took our marbles and tossed them out to sea!

But far be it for me to complain since in those few seconds of insanity, we found our joy for stitching again!!! We've both been in such a horrible rut of late, and while we both felt bad about it, nothing seem to work in getting us going.

Today, oh glorious day, we have decided on new starts, a double SAL of sorts.... Tiger and Dimensions:
White Lightning for EK:

Regal Tiger for me:

Let the good times roll....


jcat0629 said…
I tried to post on EeK's blog too but can't get on there so please pass this on to her too, but you've both picked gorgeous charts!! I can't wait to see more WIPs.

Oh and it was official a REALLY LONG TIME AGO that you're both insane - LOL! Hugs!

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