Regal Tiger - 1st Pic

Here we are again, in the land of WIPs. Let's see how long I can keep this up. ;)
I started prep work on Tiger last night, and it's easy to forget that it's quite a lengthy procedure...
- iron the fabric, scroll it up;
- sort the floss;
- get the Ottlite, adjust it just so;
- settle down to stitch.... ooops, forgot the scissors and the highlighter *siiiiiigh*;
- moves scroll out of the way, gets scissors... looks for highligher.... hmm... what color should I use? It IS a major decision after all *snort*;
- decision made, GREEN it is;
- sits back down, hmm.... I think I want a drink of water first.

WHAT??? It's been a whole hour??? Where did the time go?!! LOL! It's a wonder I even got started.

Regal Tiger
Dimensions Gold Collection
Cross stitch and half cross
with multiple threads over 1
14ct tan aida


jcat0629 said…
Oh you better finish this beauty or the whip comes out! Seriously I love your start!
Sexy Fairy said…
Yep.. adding: playing with baby a bit, washing some dishes, making some homework, ironing a bit, then the whole week flies....

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