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Circle of Friends

A quick picture update on how Circle is progressing. I've finished the beading and kreinik work for the bottom of all the dresses and it's been so much fun to stitch.

Beading wise, since I'm stitching this on 32ct hand-dyed linen, I've discovered that in sections where the beading is very tight, I had to either slant the beads diagonally or bead them looser. After much thought, I opted for 2 different beading textures:
Inner sections of the bags and the bodices will be beaded diagonally.All other beads will be beaded either vertically or horizontally, depending on where they're situated.I'm very pleased with how it's turning out and it's a definite plus to see the shine variance when the light hits.

When I started, I wanted a more mono-color look to the dresses and had decided to switch out all the teal beads from the yellow dress. In the course of stitching, however, I decided I wanted the green/blue dress to have a 'cooler' look and as such, swit…

Merry Christmas

Wishing one and all
a blessed Christmas!


One would think that not playing games for a while dulls the desire. Oh, I know I'll be in trouble when Diablo 3 is released but since that's at least a year or two away, I thought I was safe and happy in my little stitching world with Circle of Friends.

Well, any good intentions went whizzing out the window when I started playing Torchlight by Runic Games. Gotta love RPGs, yanno, there's nothing like honing a character till (s)he's so powerful that barreling through monsters like a hot knife through butter is nothing but a mere afterthought.

After doing nothing but playing last Friday and Saturday, I'm happy to say that I've reached a happy medium the last few days between gaming and stitching.... so the plans for finishing Circle by year's end is still well within reach.

Let's hope that Brute, Nerd, and Sneak won't be calling too loudly. Yes..... very imaginative names, all. ;)

Seashell Beauty

Finished this in a day for Frank's Christmas present this year. It turned out to be a quick and fun stitch.

by Dimensions Daydream
Finished: December 21st, 2009

Japanese Garden Mandala

For my Christmas pressie this year, Alex bought me the kit for Chatelaine's Japanese Garden Mandala. *swoon* I was soooo impressed with packaging from EuropeanXS, that I left everything intact for a few days just to fondle it. LOL!!!

Of course, the colors and silks are just exquisite and after much discussion and fabric layovers, we've decided it'd be best to stitch this on 32ct antique white jobelan. So, come New Year's Day, I'll be jumping in there for the Coven's New Year Start SAL with this beauty. ^.^

Toilet Paper Roll Art

This is AMAZING!!!!


Circle of Friends Update

I've been remiss at posting updates for Circle of Friends. It's stitching up pretty quickly and it's very enjoyable seeing the girls take shape.

I've opted for a couple of major color changes though.... instead of gold beads and kreinik for the green/blue dress, I'm going with silver. I think the "cool" tones will look better will silver. Also, I really dislike the teal beads with the yellow dress, and as such, will be using dark olive, gold, and brown beads, with gold and brown kreiniks.

Metamorphosis Framed

TA-DAH!!!!! The burgundy velvet is darker in person and picks up on the dark tones in her hair and tail perfectly! :D

Whooosh..... BOOOM!!

.... that would be the sound of EK and I crashing and burning on our 10-day finish challenge. LOL! Needless to say, it ain't getting done come Saturday, especially since neither one of us stitched on Monday or Tuesday nights this week. ;)

Here's my progress as of Sunday...

T minus 8

After 3 nights of stitching.... "it looks you've dropped mashed potatoes and gravy on your green carpet," DH says. ROFL!!!!

Let's see what the weekend will bring. ;)

Circle of Friends by Mirabilia

I've been planning on my next start for awhile now.... Mirabilia's Circle of Friends. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm always planning... all sorts of starts. But, I shall valiantly refrain from naming them all at this time. Hehe.

After a few fabric layovers, I decided to go with PTP's Swamp Belfast, and it holy moly, what a beautiful piece of hand-dye!! She's truly outdone herself with this color, IMO.

The plan was to try and finish this over the next 2 months or so, and then go all out on Chatelaine's Japanese Garden. The operative word there being "plan" because after a visit to Michaels last night, it's all shot!... to h*** in a handbasket no less! You see, I got a coupon for 60% off on custom framing for 1 piece (Metamorphosis) or 70% off for 2 or more pieces which will expire Nov. 21st. I love their gallery glass and they've always done fantastic framing for us. But, we have this knack of always picking the expensive frames and that 10% makes a h…

Metamorphosis Happy Dance

Here she is!!! Sheila Wolk's Metamorphosis, alllll done!!!! I'm so happy with the way she turned out. She is gorgeous in real life... truly, truly gorgeous, if I may say so myself. ;)

I didn't like her eyes from the chart as they lacked the definition from Sheila's art, so I added some backstitching to her eyelids to make them more prominent.

EK has been trying to entice my girl into head north towards GA, but I think she's perfectly happy here. *grin*

The Particulars:
Artwork by: Sheila Wolk
Stitched 1 over 1 on 25 ct lugana
Floss: DMC

Metamorphosis by Sheila Wolk

I've been hard at work on my girl, and if all goes well, my deadline of finishing her by year end will be beaten by a few weeks. All the background is finally done and only her tail is left. Woohoo!! I know I've been very bad with updating the pictures here, but you can check the progress over the last few months in Picturetrail. This is from Nov. 2nd.

Hi Heather!!!

... and everyone else who keeps checking my blog in hopes of seeing something interesting and new. Well, I don't know about the interesting bit... but there's something new. Hehe.

Fixed!! and Some Finishes

Ahhh, the blog is looking all better!!

It's been a hectic few months since I last posted and since I've been doing quite a bit of stitching of late, I'm just going to dive right in and post some finishes. ^.^

Some fantastic news on the baby front (no, not me!!)... my cousin and her hubby had a darling boy in June. In honor of his birth, I stitched EMS's Baby Cow and made it into a birth announcement. Since it's for a boy, I took out the butterflies and blue flowers and added extra bumble bees with their little trails. Finished: June 8th, 2009.

I also discovered The Sweetheart Tree. Bought the Blackberry Heart kit from 123 Stitch and it took me just a few weekends to get it all stitched up for Brenda. For the framing, I found a piece of framed art from Home Goods whose frame and mat were the perfect complement to this piece. Because the blackberries were built so high off the fabric, needed some spacers to set it apart from the glass, and this nice gentleman at Michael…


I've been feeling guilty about not blogging for a while, and after chatting with EK earlier, decided that I really should pop in and at least write a few lines. Horror of horrors, the first thing I see is a block of puke green (don't get me wrong, I love the puke green color, otherwise known as dark olive) where my beautiful two-tone background used to be!

The thoughts start racing through my mind.... a jumble of incoherency, leaping around from point to point like frogs on hot rocks! What could've gone wrong??? Who did this??? Couldn't someone have done this?? Is Blogger punishing me for the neglect???? Don't tell me I'm going to have to recode everything. I hardly have time to post... if I have to work on coding, I ain't never gonna post again!!!

Alright, deep breaths, calm down......
First things first, maybe it's Blogger. Following a succession of random clicking on links and blogs.... nope, it's not Blogger since everyone else's blogs look fin…


Whoa..... second post of the day.... will wonders never cease? ;)

With Ps. 23 done, I've picked up Meta again. Haven't touched it in about a year, and it took a while to get back into stitching over 1 on 25 ct. But, I'm happy to say that I'm back in full swing, so hopefully this will be done this year. ;)

This was the WIP, as of Sunday.... I would really love to finish all the fish on the left by this weekend.... but we shall see.

The Lord is My Shepherd

It's finished!!! I've been bad about posting updates, but this one didn't take too long at all. :D It was a huge load of fun to stitch and soooo wonderfully charted.
by My Big Toe Designs
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Antique Ivory, stitched 1 over 2
Floss: Vikki Clayton Premium Imperial Green (3337) and Quince (1407)
Finished: May 31st, 2009

And this is what EeKoon's look like. I think it's gorgeous with the explosion of all those beautiful colors.

The Lord is My Shepherd Ps. 23

Here's the latest WIP.... I'm too lazy to unscroll and take a picture of the whole WIP so far, so the full picture won't be unveiled till this is finished. :D

The Lord is My Shepherd Ps. 23

Ok... it's been more than 2 weeks but here we go with the promised second subject:

Brenda, EK, and I have been working on a SAL of My Big Toe Designs' The Lord is My Shepherd. It is a gorgeous chart and such an easy and quick stitch, not to mention the meaning and inspiration behind the 23rd Psalm.

I've progressed past the first scroll of the piece, so it's going to be 2 WIPs instead of 1 and I'll leave it to you, dear readers, to piece them together. ;)

Here's Brenda's WIP, isn't it stunning??

And EK's.... sigh... that girl is so great with colors:

Leah's Quilt VWX

It's been awhile since I've posted... come to think of it, it's been awhile since I've done any socializing online apart from YM.

First subject.....

Leah, a sweet precious little girl has been battling cancer, and the coven decided to stitch her a love quilt. Wanda spearheaded the project and picked a fairy tale theme. Each square consists of 4 blocks, in which we will stitch 3 letters plus another fairy tale icon.

Mine was JKL, and I had the J done and was all set to spend lots of time this weekend to complete K and L. So there I was, chatting with Bren on YM and discussing the green cow/dragon (look at V) and I headed to the BB to look at the other finished squares.

Imagine my horror when I saw that someone else had stitched the JKL square!!!! Imagine my shriek via the YM lines to Bren and my subsequent call to Wanda for help!! After much discussion, both via the phone and typing, we decided that it won't be too far a stretch for me to frog the J and work in the V.