Leah's Quilt VWX

It's been awhile since I've posted... come to think of it, it's been awhile since I've done any socializing online apart from YM.

First subject.....

Leah, a sweet precious little girl has been battling cancer, and the coven decided to stitch her a love quilt. Wanda spearheaded the project and picked a fairy tale theme. Each square consists of 4 blocks, in which we will stitch 3 letters plus another fairy tale icon.

Mine was JKL, and I had the J done and was all set to spend lots of time this weekend to complete K and L. So there I was, chatting with Bren on YM and discussing the green cow/dragon (look at V) and I headed to the BB to look at the other finished squares.

Imagine my horror when I saw that someone else had stitched the JKL square!!!! Imagine my shriek via the YM lines to Bren and my subsequent call to Wanda for help!! After much discussion, both via the phone and typing, we decided that it won't be too far a stretch for me to frog the J and work in the V.

So last night was spend frogging and finishing the first block, and since I was so into it, I actually managed to finish most of the W square as well. Today, between laundry and cleaning, X was completed. So without furthur ado....

Second subject should follow shortly..... I hope..... LOL!


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