Circle of Friends by Mirabilia

I've been planning on my next start for awhile now.... Mirabilia's Circle of Friends. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm always planning... all sorts of starts. But, I shall valiantly refrain from naming them all at this time. Hehe.

After a few fabric layovers, I decided to go with PTP's Swamp Belfast, and it holy moly, what a beautiful piece of hand-dye!! She's truly outdone herself with this color, IMO.

The plan was to try and finish this over the next 2 months or so, and then go all out on Chatelaine's Japanese Garden. The operative word there being "plan" because after a visit to Michaels last night, it's all shot!... to h*** in a handbasket no less! You see, I got a coupon for 60% off on custom framing for 1 piece (Metamorphosis) or 70% off for 2 or more pieces which will expire Nov. 21st. I love their gallery glass and they've always done fantastic framing for us. But, we have this knack of always picking the expensive frames and that 10% makes a huge different in price.

Which led me to the crazy-arsed, hare-brained idea of trying to finish Circle of Friends in 10 days. A text and call to EK, and we found ourselves committing to trying for a finish each in the next 10 days... Circle for me and Peregrination for her. ROFL!!! This should be interesting.

Meanwhile, this is what I did last night. I don't think we'll make it, but it'll sure be fun to try. ;)


CraftyPretender said…
it is a good start lahh!!!!! I will post my pic at my blog also!!
Shelleen said…
You can do this if you don't sleep, eat, clean or work. good luck!
Joysze said…
Shelleen, you called it!! LOL! Hmm, maybe I can stock up on caffeine and hide under my desk at work. ;)

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