I've been feeling guilty about not blogging for a while, and after chatting with EK earlier, decided that I really should pop in and at least write a few lines. Horror of horrors, the first thing I see is a block of puke green (don't get me wrong, I love the puke green color, otherwise known as dark olive) where my beautiful two-tone background used to be!

The thoughts start racing through my mind.... a jumble of incoherency, leaping around from point to point like frogs on hot rocks! What could've gone wrong??? Who did this??? Couldn't someone have done this?? Is Blogger punishing me for the neglect???? Don't tell me I'm going to have to recode everything. I hardly have time to post... if I have to work on coding, I ain't never gonna post again!!!

Alright, deep breaths, calm down......
  • First things first, maybe it's Blogger. Following a succession of random clicking on links and blogs.... nope, it's not Blogger since everyone else's blogs look fine.
  • Ok, maybe it's my computer..... let's hit the refresh button.... and again.... and again..... nope, that's not it!
  • Calm down, calm down.... let's take a look at the code. Hmm.... everything seems fine..... damn!!!
  • And right there at the pits of near despair, I discovered it's a wonky link!!!!! One of the images got sucked into cyperspace! Phew, this I can deal with. Blogger doesn't hate me after all.
Why is it that blogging seems to bring out the nut in me?


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