Metamorphosis by Sheila Wolk

I've been hard at work on my girl, and if all goes well, my deadline of finishing her by year end will be beaten by a few weeks. All the background is finally done and only her tail is left. Woohoo!! I know I've been very bad with updating the pictures here, but you can check the progress over the last few months in Picturetrail. This is from Nov. 2nd.


craftypretender said…
Oh, she is looking fabbbbbulous!!!! All getting ready for a visit to her Auntie EK, huh???

Btw, I love that you are liking specialty stitches, hehe.
Joysze said…
I don't know about that visit... I think she wants to stay here for awhile. LOL!
SBWNYC said…
You did a FANTASTIC job!!! well done!!~~ Sheila Wolk

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