Circle of Friends

A quick picture update on how Circle is progressing. I've finished the beading and kreinik work for the bottom of all the dresses and it's been so much fun to stitch.

Beading wise, since I'm stitching this on 32ct hand-dyed linen, I've discovered that in sections where the beading is very tight, I had to either slant the beads diagonally or bead them looser. After much thought, I opted for 2 different beading textures:
  1. Inner sections of the bags and the bodices will be beaded diagonally.
  2. All other beads will be beaded either vertically or horizontally, depending on where they're situated.
I'm very pleased with how it's turning out and it's a definite plus to see the shine variance when the light hits.

When I started, I wanted a more mono-color look to the dresses and had decided to switch out all the teal beads from the yellow dress. In the course of stitching, however, I decided I wanted the green/blue dress to have a 'cooler' look and as such, switched out the golds in it for silver beads and kreiniks...

... I love the more 'earthy' look of the yellow dress....

... and only the orange dress is stitched the way it's been charted.


Shelleen said…
oh wow, you are doing a beautiful job with the changes. Love those colors.
Kit said…
Wow, this is so incredibly beautiful!! The blue dress+beads are so stunning!

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