One would think that not playing games for a while dulls the desire. Oh, I know I'll be in trouble when Diablo 3 is released but since that's at least a year or two away, I thought I was safe and happy in my little stitching world with Circle of Friends.

Well, any good intentions went whizzing out the window when I started playing Torchlight by Runic Games. Gotta love RPGs, yanno, there's nothing like honing a character till (s)he's so powerful that barreling through monsters like a hot knife through butter is nothing but a mere afterthought.

After doing nothing but playing last Friday and Saturday, I'm happy to say that I've reached a happy medium the last few days between gaming and stitching.... so the plans for finishing Circle by year's end is still well within reach.

Let's hope that Brute, Nerd, and Sneak won't be calling too loudly. Yes..... very imaginative names, all. ;)


Debs said…
RPG's are too much fun at times. Especially when stitching is calling at the same time.

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