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Japanese Garden Mandala - Tori

I didn't New Year start this as planned... oops... and it was a little slow going at first. I have such a problem with starts... not a malady many of you find yourselves dealing with, I know. ;) I dislike immensely the vast expanse of empty fabric staring back at me.... where every little x looks so pitiful and lonely.... LOL! Anyhoo, seems like I've gotten into a pretty good groove now, despite the crazy workload, so let's hope it's all smooth sailing with this one.

It's Finished!!!

Happy dance for the first finish of 2010!! This was a really fun one to work on even though it took a little longer than the crazy 10 day deadline EK and I were demented enough to attempt. ;) As previously mentioned, some details of the original chart were changed, most notably the beads and kreinik colors on the yellow and teal dress. The Particulars: Circle of Friends by Mirabilia Fabric: Swamp, 32ct hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus Stitched 2 over 2 Floss: DMC, Kreinik Beads: Mill Hill Finished: Jan. 7th, 2010

2010 Stitching List

I'm not much for having a plan of what to stitch. Having too many WIPs... more than 2.... drives me insane, and I'm happiest concentrating on one thing at a time. That said, I know that it's impossible for some of the bigger projects. So, lifting from my list on the Coven, here is a list of things to stitch in 2010 (in no particular order): 1. Start Japanese Garden and finish at least 1/2 2. Finish Circle of Friends   Jan. 7th, 2010 3. Hedgehog Baby by EMS 4. Sampler (a Wiehenburg or Garden Stars) 5. Namaste for in-laws (let's try it again this year. LOL!) 6. Tate's Kimono Mermaid or Castles in the Air 7. Something Mira 8. Regal Tiger 9. Dolphin's Domain

The End is Nigh

First things first.... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!! May this year brings us all much happiness and health and lots of stitchy time. :D Now, onto the subject at hand, Circle of Friends is coming along quite nicely. If I hadn't been so taken with Torchlight.... oh well no matter. I suspect in a couple of days, we'll be seeing these girls in all their glory. WHEEEEE!! All that's left now is the beading, and some playing around with uncharted colors on the yellow dress. A close up of the blue/green dress... she'll be all dressed and ready to party once the silver beads go in. Then, it's alllllll about Japanese Garden. :D