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Japanese Garden Mandala - Quick Update

I haven't added much other than the East and West Blossom branches. Since I'm working with a scroll frame, I've decided to finish the gates and cranes on the east and west before moving up and down. I've been working on Nursery Prayer the last day or so, and hope to get back to this soon.

Japanese Garden Mandala - with Bonsai Trees

I'm happy to say that I had some time over the weekend to work on Japanese Garden, and the bonsai trees are now done (minus bling, as usual). The Queen stitches took forever, I think partly because I was too meticulous and picky. I've moved on to the East and West lotus blossom branches, and that's what I'll finish next. 1 o'clock bonsai 5 o'clock bonsai 7 o'clock bonsai 11 o'clock bonsai

Vis-à-vis by Per Segno Per Filo

Finished this a few days ago as a remembrance for a friend's parents. The Particulars: Vis-à-vis by Per Segno Per Filo Cross-stitch 1 over 1 Fabric: 25ct Sudden Storm by Silkweaver Expressions Floss: Amethyst by Caron Waterlilies Finished: April 9th, 2010

Japanese Garden Mandala - Chatelaine

Work has finally eased up somewhat for me to work on Japanese Garden again. All 4 rock gardens are finished–sans bling, and next up will be the bonsai trees. I loooooooove how this is turning out and I can so understand how one can get addicted to stitching Chatelaines. :D And close ups of the rock gardens... I love those algerian eyelets!! 12 o'clock 3 o'clock 6 o'clock 9 o'clock I'm going to take a small break from this to work on Nursery Prayer for a friend who's baby is due any day now. It should be a pretty quick and easy stitch, so hopefully I'll back to JG in no time. :)