Cloth Books

The old adage 'Time Flies" is never truer than when you see kids grow. Seems like it was just yesterday when my cousin's DH texted me that "baby is here. Can you come to the hospital tomorrow morning?" and now Russell is turning 1!!

He's the sweetest little boy, and for his first birthday I decided to make him some cloth books. It's hard to find them in brick and mortar stores anymore but fortunately, I found a goldmine at Hollanders and decided on Jungle Babies, Nursery Rhymes, and Lil' Critters on the Farm.

They were fun to do, albeit quite time consuming with the precision cutting and pinning, tasks that were made much easier with DH's help.

Aren't they just darling?? Perfect for a darling boy. :D


bells said…
What a fabulous idea!! I may just have to make some cloth books for Lily ;)

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