Japanese Garden Mandala

This point marks 2/3 of the stitching done, :D and I just can't get over how gorgeous this piece is.

To my surprise, Martina charted the North and South bridges with a slight variance, see how the vertical columns are thicker? There are also slightly less leaves on the circular flowers on this sections.

Speaking of the circular flowers, again, there was the option of stitching with either 1 or 2 plys. Like the bamboo leaves, I opted for 2 as I felt it gave these flowers more presence in the piece. I absolutely adore how the pale blue flowers turned out.

The center of the big flower is stitched with gold metallic with something akin to the Jessica Stitch. It pops up like a little button and adds so much texture and depth to the flower.

I was planning on full steam ahead with this, but I think I'm going to take a small break and work on Mirabilia's Winter Queen. I adopted her from one of my friends who started her but lost interest. I wanted to stitch her for EK and thought I had a lot of time to accomplish this, but she'll be moving home soon, so I'd better get my butt in gear.


bells said…
Japanese Garden is just GORGEOUS! And I'm sure even the closeup pictures don't do it justice. I just LOVE Chatelaine Designs! Congrats on moving onto the last 1/3! Can't wait to see it finished :)
ArabicaMix said…
Thank you for the very kind comments in my blog. I'm looking at your garden very attentively. It's very nice and beautiful! It combines tender as well as bright colours. Everyone pays attention on the Largest Flower center and even asks - How was it made? It looks very effectively. Sometimes I think I'm looking at stitching more than I'm stitching myself. Japanese Garden is just the Festival for my soul!
Joysze said…
Thanks Nikki. I've been keeping up with your pics of Lily and she is so gorgeous!!!!

Svetlana, I love reading your blog. I so enjoy the poetry of how you tie in beautiful pictures and wonderful facts with your gorgeous stitching.

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