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More Beading....

I couldn't resist, it's sooooo purdy!!!! Here's a close-up of the full moon at the 6 o'clock position.


"What's this? 2 blog postings in as many days?" Hmm... ok, inner nerd channeling LOTR there..... Anyhoooo, couldn't resist taking a couple of shots of the beading on Japanese Garden. I wish I could transfer the glitter and glimmer of the beads into these photos. The silver aqua beads under the bridge create a beautiful effect when the light hits and you can almost see the way the waves shimmer and dance in the breeze. I'm not certain if I'll be quick enough to finish beading by week's end but is sure would be nice to have a July finish. ;)

Japanese Garden Mandala - Stitching's Done!!

Yaaaaaayyyyyyy! Yipppppeeeeee!!! LOL... you'd think that I had finished this or something with all the hoo-ha and celebration. Well, hopefully that's not too far away. All the stitching's done on this pretty and I started in with the beading last night (or should I say early this morning), and I'm not quite sure how long it'll take. I've decided to keep it on the scroll frame while I work on the seed beads and then I'll have to suffer through stitching in hand for the bicones and pearls. We went to Michael's yesterday and they had a 60% off for 1, 70% off for 2 or more on custom framing that ends August 15th. Now... what are the chances that I'll have this and Mini Mandala 06 done by then? Close to nil, especially since I haven't even kitted up the latter???!!! LOL!!!

Japanese Garden Mandala - South Lotus Blossom

I've been bad about stitching the last couple of weeks, so not a lot done except the bottom 2 inner squares and the South Blossom. I'm still aiming for an end of August finish on this, so if I can get all the stitching done by the end of July, there's a good chance that the beading won't take all of August. :D

Indian Dinner

For no other reason other than to drool over a meal after the fact. LOL! Smaller portions are without spice for the baby, and dishes from top: curry chicken, naan, shrimp with Malaysian curry rub, aloo gobi.