Japanese Garden Mandala... It's Done!!!!!

Japanese Garden is finished!!! Yee-haw!!! This has truly been one of the most enjoyable stitches I've done. Each section is a whole new discovery of intricate stitches and gorgeously blended shades that combines into a masterpiece.

I even enjoyed working on the repeating patterns. By the 3rd go around, the crane had become a trusted friend, with its cute nooks and crannies and yet every time the backstitching goes in and the beak appears, it's a whole wonderful discovery again.

The emergence of every flower is a joy to behold, but I have to admit that I had anxious moments trying to make sure that they appeared unplanned and abandoned in the color placement.... sorta like how they would be in real life.

And let's not forget the beads, the icing on the cake as my cousin said. They add so much depth and subtlety, as they dance and shimmer brightly or blink coyly depending on how the light hits.

Next up, Mini Mandala 06!!! :D

The Particulars:
by Chatelaine - Martina Rosenburg
Fabric: 32ct antique white jobelan
Materials: EuropeanXS
Finished: August 1st, 2010

Tori center.

Swarovski cube at the corners of the tori center.

Close up of the 12 o'clock lotus blossom, 1/4 moon, and rock garden.

Close up of the 3 o'clock lotus blossom, 3/4 moon, and rock garden.

Close up of the 6 o'clock lotus blossom, full moon, and rock garden.

Close up of the 9 o'clock lotus blossom, 3/4 moon, and rock garden.

1 o'clock bonsai trees.

5 o'clock bonsai trees.
7 o'clock bonsai trees.

11 o'clock bonsai trees.

The corner lanterns.

The crane medallion, the bridge, bamboo, and water.

Corner flowers and beaded lattice border.


Tracy J said…
What an amazing piece! You are truly a superior needleworker!
Joysze said…
Thank you so much for the compliment. :)
Andie said…
Congratulations on your absolutely stunning finish!!
Kit said…
Wow, J, it's STUNNING!! Congrats on such a beautiful finish ^.^
Joysze said…
Thanks guys. :D
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, it`s Beautiful job - congrats! This is my favorite of the mandala-gardens. I like to see all the details. Very beautiful photos. You're interesting to write about JG.
I love Japan, and I love Martina's designs. So, i felt in love for this design and more and more when I saw your pictures. I wait for my kit!
Thank you for pics and share your work.
Liz K said…
Thank you for sharing all this work. I'm stitching my first Chatelaine (WWG) and am sorely tempted by this garden's new companion (the Chinese Garden). So difficult to imagine the final picture from little screen shots - but this shows how amazing they are!! Thank you.

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