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Taj Mahal Garden Mandala - Floss Toss

With Sabrina half-done, what better time to start prepping for Chatelaine's Taj Mahal Mandala? ;) I'm really excited about this one as it's been one of my favorites from the very beginning. I'm planning to put this on one of our living room walls, and I hope the colors will work out nicely, as our living room has an african flair and tend towards the dark browns and earthy greens. I'll be stitching this on Ray of Light belfast linen, as Martina recommended and to quote her: "This splendid piece depicts an early dusky morning in India, transparent fogs rising and first sunlight falling upon the beauty of the Taj Mahal - all nature and architecture shimmers in pastel shades and is somewhat unreal still." Does that sound scrumptious or what?!! *grin*


Well..... I didn't do as much stitching as I'd have like over the weekend. I think it's some law in the universe that time passes quicker on the weekends than during the week. How else would one explain how those 2 days, as short as they are, fly by so quickly and then the rest of the week drags along like a turtle on a sloth!!! I diligently took pictures after (almost) every shade, and the bottom part of Sabrina's skirt is all done except for the beads. Phew!!! It is amazing how the white pops once the dark colors are in. I particularly love the 'sheen' of the skirt hem, and believe it or not, what looks like black is actually a dark espresso brown. Can you see the difference between the following picture and the previous picture??? LOL!! Do you see it? Do you see it? I swear it's not a trick. ;) Close-up of the kreiniks. I couldn't get the camera to take better pictures no matter how I light them. The stitches do sparkle nicely but I will ha

Green Is In!

And not just in Sabrina's skirt. Recycle! Save the Planet! GO GREEN!!! *giggle* I think *fingers crossed* that this is 2/3 of her skirt done. Yipppeeee!!! I've been wondering if I'd be on track to finish her by month's end, but with only 9 days to go, I don't think so. There is still the top portion of her skirt, her bodice with all the beading, not to mention her face and arms. I could arrange to be sick for a few days if work wasn't so darn busy. ;)

The Littlest Things...

.....makes the biggest difference. Or at least I hope it will in this case. As promised, I'm doing a quick post now that the blended blue/green colors are stitched in Sabrina. This blend bridges the gap between the light blue that rests right up against the white areas, and the light green that will provide the darker shading in her skirt. Effectively, once all 3 colors are done, the gradation should be incredible. Can't hardly tell the difference between this picture and the one in the last post, huh? I know I had to look twice myself, and I've been spending most of my weekend with her. Hopefully there will be a drastic change in the next picture, as I'm either moving on to green (a heck of a lot of that color) or the dark espresso on the border of her skirt.

One Big Skirt

To paraphrase Little Red Riding Hood, "What a big skirt you have!!" The right portion of Sabrina's skirt is as wide as the entire Circle of Friends ! How does one so skinny drag around such a big skirt, is what I want to know. To be fair, I haven't done Lilly of the Woods or Fairy Idyll and the likes, and I wonder how their skirts compare. Maybe that's the reason they are always in resting positions, hehehehe. What is interesting to me is when I look at the finished picture, I see Sabrina in a white dress with black flowers. I suppose I know the shadows are there, but that hardly registers. Working on her however, has made me appreciate how much actually goes into making her dress look so good. The shadow colors make up for about half her skirt!! This is 2 shades of the skirt done. Doesn't seem like a lot, but it's taken a little less than a week to finish all the blue and the entire smaller left section. I've since started on the a combinati

Maggie and Mildred - An Animated Story

This is amazing!! Maggie and Mildred from Holly Klein on Vimeo .

What's a Girl To Do....

... when there are only 24 hours in the day, the majority of which is taken up by work and life's pesky little details like grocery shopping and chores. I mean... are clean clothes absolutely necessary? LOL! I was reading Thutmosis' post about 2 Chatelaine mandalas she must have, and boy, I feel her pain. IMO, Martina is one of the best stitching designers to grace the crafting world to date, but does she HAVE to be that prolific? Does she HAVE to be so good with her designs? Does she ENJOY seeing us drool and swoon over those gorgeous pieces??!!! Yes, yes, and most probably yes! Currently there are 2 designs I'm totally in love with.... Hummingbird Garden Mandala and Frosty Knotgarden ... and this is not counting the one that's already kitted up and ready to go. I fell in love with Hummingbird from the moment I laid eyes on the partial design and after all this time, it still has me in its claws. Of course, it doesn't help that some of the stitchers on the Cha


2 skeins and 5000 stitches of white later, I have what resembles a collection of fjords! This is only about 2/3 of the bottom of her skirt outlined and I've started on one of the blue grays for the shadow of the skirt. It's going to be really interesting watching this take shape. I'm now supremely pleased with the fabric choice and I think it's going to make a lovely background to her black and white dress, with the blue grays and greens in the shading DMCs. My cousin said to me when I started this that I'm not going to want to give this up when Sabrina is done, and I told her to not worry, as I'm not attached at all. Happily, that still holds true ;), although I'm watching this grow with much pride and contentment.

MM06 Framed!

All framed up and ready to be adored. ;)

Japanese Garden Mandala Framed!

Finally took a picture of JG framed. As usual, Michael's did a spectacular job... and at 70% off, it was much easier on the pocketbook to frame something this large. Unfortunately, the colors of the pic are a little off since this was taken indoors, but we never quite seem to get around to hauling it out in the sunlight over the weekends. ;) Hopefully, we'll make it a point to take a better picture soon so that I can have a better pic to show this off. Till then, this will do.....

A New Start

Mirabilia's Sabrina is finally seeing the light of day!! I'm happy to report that the dreaded event of a new start was quite pleasant this time... and there was a definite lack of annoyed sighs. ;) I'm not sure what has made the difference, the fact that I've been planning on this start for a while and everything was ready to go or that I'm working into my timeline of finishing this and starting on Chatelaine's Taj Mahal and have that done by January 2011. HAH!!! The fabbie is Picture This Plus' 32ct belfast Ancient, and man this baby has lots and lots of beads. The plan is to finish this in a month, which then will give me about 3.5 months to get Taj done. We shall see. The best laid plan...... This was stitched to 4 episodes of Rookie Blue. I'm really liking that show, so let's hope it doesn't get canceled. >.<   

Mini Mandala 06 - Moonstone Garden Done!!

Yeehaw!!! Another one bites the dust. This was a quick one and just as much fun. I really love the way the blues and greens play off each other for a beautiful, serene setting, and the sparklies are to die for!! I know I've taken altogether too many pictures for such a small piece, but couldn't resist the sparklies from an angle. The Particulars: by Chatelaine - Martina Rosenburg Fabric: 32ct antique white jobelan Materials: EuropeanXS , DMC Finished: August 31st, 2010 The center, with Swarovski's Vitrail cube and Crystal AB. The gates, with Pacific Opal AB. Corner gardens, with Crystal 2x AB.