A New Start

Mirabilia's Sabrina is finally seeing the light of day!! I'm happy to report that the dreaded event of a new start was quite pleasant this time... and there was a definite lack of annoyed sighs. ;) I'm not sure what has made the difference, the fact that I've been planning on this start for a while and everything was ready to go or that I'm working into my timeline of finishing this and starting on Chatelaine's Taj Mahal and have that done by January 2011. HAH!!!

The fabbie is Picture This Plus' 32ct belfast Ancient, and man this baby has lots and lots of beads. The plan is to finish this in a month, which then will give me about 3.5 months to get Taj done. We shall see. The best laid plan......

This was stitched to 4 episodes of Rookie Blue. I'm really liking that show, so let's hope it doesn't get canceled. >.<


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