One Big Skirt

To paraphrase Little Red Riding Hood, "What a big skirt you have!!"

The right portion of Sabrina's skirt is as wide as the entire Circle of Friends! How does one so skinny drag around such a big skirt, is what I want to know. To be fair, I haven't done Lilly of the Woods or Fairy Idyll and the likes, and I wonder how their skirts compare. Maybe that's the reason they are always in resting positions, hehehehe.

What is interesting to me is when I look at the finished picture, I see Sabrina in a white dress with black flowers. I suppose I know the shadows are there, but that hardly registers. Working on her however, has made me appreciate how much actually goes into making her dress look so good. The shadow colors make up for about half her skirt!!

This is 2 shades of the skirt done. Doesn't seem like a lot, but it's taken a little less than a week to finish all the blue and the entire smaller left section.

I've since started on the a combination of blended threads, and the next WIP will be when those colors are in. Stay tuned. :)


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