Well..... I didn't do as much stitching as I'd have like over the weekend. I think it's some law in the universe that time passes quicker on the weekends than during the week. How else would one explain how those 2 days, as short as they are, fly by so quickly and then the rest of the week drags along like a turtle on a sloth!!!

I diligently took pictures after (almost) every shade, and the bottom part of Sabrina's skirt is all done except for the beads. Phew!!! It is amazing how the white pops once the dark colors are in. I particularly love the 'sheen' of the skirt hem, and believe it or not, what looks like black is actually a dark espresso brown.

Can you see the difference between the following picture and the previous picture??? LOL!! Do you see it? Do you see it? I swear it's not a trick. ;)

Close-up of the kreiniks. I couldn't get the camera to take better pictures no matter how I light them. The stitches do sparkle nicely but I will have to let your imaginations do the work.


Andie said…
Wow! Shes looking gorgeous and your flying along!!!
Joysze said…
Thanks Andie. I'm dying to see your next WIP on her. :D

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