What's a Girl To Do....

... when there are only 24 hours in the day, the majority of which is taken up by work and life's pesky little details like grocery shopping and chores. I mean... are clean clothes absolutely necessary? LOL!

I was reading Thutmosis' post about 2 Chatelaine mandalas she must have, and boy, I feel her pain. IMO, Martina is one of the best stitching designers to grace the crafting world to date, but does she HAVE to be that prolific? Does she HAVE to be so good with her designs? Does she ENJOY seeing us drool and swoon over those gorgeous pieces??!!! Yes, yes, and most probably yes!

Currently there are 2 designs I'm totally in love with.... Hummingbird Garden Mandala and Frosty Knotgarden... and this is not counting the one that's already kitted up and ready to go.

I fell in love with Hummingbird from the moment I laid eyes on the partial design and after all this time, it still has me in its claws. Of course, it doesn't help that some of the stitchers on the Chatelaine BB have started this one and every time I see a WIP, the temptation sinks in all the more. The only reason I haven't succumbed to buying the kit is because I have Taj Mahal kitted up and that's going to be my next project.

As for Frosty Knotgarden... OMG this one is to die for! There is no dramaticism here... I mean every word. The beads and colors on this one send my heart a-pitter-pattering and my head a-swooning. The only problem is.... there is also a Summer Knotgarden and a Knotgarden. And I'm tempted to do all 3 as a collection. Heaven help me. LOL!

Which brings me back around to my question.... what's a girl to do? I think the best plan is to win the lotto. Then I can hire maids, and grocery shoppers, and a personal chef, and even a food-feeder person–so I can be stitching and eating at the same time.

Hmm... I like this plan. It's too bad I never seem to get around to buying a ticket.


Kit said…
Hummingbird Garden Mandala is gorgeous!! It's so finely and intricately detailed ^.^

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