Another Harebrained Idea

On the Chatelaine Yuku Board, they started a "WIP 'Kill' Contest." The idea is to stitch on a WIP, whatever stage it might be in and cheer each other on to a finish by January 31st, 2011.

Well.... how could I not participate? Of course, since I'm not a rotater, the wee, small detail about my not actually having a Chatelaine WIP at the moment might have been a deterrent, but wait... we have till Oct. 31st to post a picture of our WIP!!!

So, I've just printed out both versions of the Taj Mahal Mandala chart and double-sided taped everything together. (Hubby walked into the room while I was doing that and literally LOL'ed at the excitement in my face.) All the instructions are printed, the fabbie needs to be pressed and then scrolled up.

Sabrina will be finished tonight and then it's Taj allllll way the way!

I'm so excited I could scream!!


Sexy Fairy said…
Are you sure Satish LOL'ed at your excitement or is it a painful smile on his face? ROFL
ana~stitch said…
Awesome- so happy you're participating!!
Joysze said…
Novi, maybe a bit of both? ROFL!

Ana, I'm dying to see an update on Cuba Mandala. :D

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