Bonnet House

With the weather turning pleasant, we spent the better half of the early afternoon on Saturday at Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, one of the many vacation homes of two well-known American artists, Frederic Clay and Evelyn Fortune Bartlett.

The guided tour was super informative about the rich and amazing history of this place. Back in its heyday, the family visited every year end and would lounge, entertain, and spend afternoon playing games in one of the many spots on this 35 acre estate.

This is their courtyard, where they spent many an afternoon or evening, and we were told that they usually had their meals out here. In was built in the center of the estate with the house encircling it.

After the tour, we spent time wandering the grounds, and were fortunate enough to get up close and personal with the pair of swans-in-residence at feeding time.

I would so love to live in a place with a private lake with this view. I read that Martha Stewart flew some of her magazine editors down for the day to tour this place. Ah... the lifestyle of the rich and famous.


ana~stitch said…
Wow, what a beautiful day-trip! I want a house like that, lol. Here in NJ it's def getting a chill in the air....
Joysze said…
I hear ya, Ana... but I want a/c in that house. LOL! Stay warm!

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