... mind numbing, bone crushing boredom! How do I hate thee, let me count the ways.

I'm very seldom bored, in fact, more often than not I wish that I had another 10 hours to my day, most of which will be allotted to stitching (of course! *grin*) and then some to sleeping, and others to working out, reading, and puttering around.

But today, today... the minutes, nay, the seconds are craaaawwwwwliiiiiing by. There is no end is sight *hits back of hand against my forehead* and I'm still stuck here sitting on my chair, waiting to pack up and go home while the clock mocks at me. I can hear it laughing maniacally, "Nyah-hahahahahaha, you could be stitching, or cooking dinner, mwa-hahahahaha, tooooooo bad!"

Blasted thing!!

Oh, did I mentioned that I started out today thinking that it was Friday?!!!!!!


Tracy J said…
Have you ever tried the website called Stumble upon or the recommended items in google reader?
Stumble upon can keep you busy longer than you wanted.
Kit said…
HAHA I feel your pain!! I hate that 'but it's FRIDAY' feeling... %-)
Joysze said…
Tracy, I have.... but do you ever get those days where everything bores you and all you wanna do is stitch? LOL!!!

H... ahhhh, the trials of life. ;) ROFL!!!
ana~stitch said…
Well now it really IS Friday, yay!!! Hope you get to enjoy plenty of happy stitching this weekend!

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