Hummingbird Sparkly Garden Mandala

Oh happy (2 ago) day!!!! All the mooning and lusting over Chatelaine's Hummingbird Sparkly Garden is over! I now have the chart in my eager little hands, thanks to Novia. This design has been the subject of many a discussion and she's been asking me since June if I would like it for a birthday gift. Well, I think the girl got tired of my indecision and told me last Thursday that she sent me Paypal money and "go get the chart!!" *giggle* Who am I to say no to one of my closest friends? ;)

So now begins the process of picking a fabric... no easy feat, as I can't see in my mind's eye what I would like for the background. When Martina first showed the design, she laid it over a white background, and I fell absolutely in love with the daintiness of the design.

Then, when she finished the design, it was showcased over black and wow! was it ever stunning.

However, I still find myself loving the lacy effect of the swirls and how serene the design looks on the white background. For more depth, maybe a light subtle green.... or pink.... or lilac. Although those background colors might detract from the beauty and subtlety of the floss and bling. Yup, it's not going to be an easy decision... these things never are for me, so it's probably a good thing that Taj Mahal Garden is next in line. :D


Kit said…
It's beautiful! The black fabric makes it look so striking (really, wow!!), but I agree - the white shows all the delicate details better ^.^
ArabicaMix said…
Maybe The color of vanilla, like sunlight, I think will be good.
On a black fabric is very difficult to sew.

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