Japanese Garden Mandala - Revisited

My cousin (the one for whom Sabrina is stitched for) mentioned the other day that a better picture was needed of my Japanese Garden Mandala. So yesterday,we finally took it out into the sunlight for a picture that would do it justice.

The thing with the Martina's Chatelaines is that pictures never do them justice. Am I right? There are so many beautiful details and hidden gems in these babies, that even seeing them in real life, you'd miss things. More so in a picture.

But for what it's worth, here's a new pic.

For Japanese Garden, I went in with a concrete idea of a simple, clean black frame, no frills, no fuss, something very zen and asian, while hubby took on a more 'let's see how it goes' outlook. Well, that idea quickly went out the door as everything we tried was too stark, no matter the mat(s) we tried them with.

So after 2 hours, (I kid you not!!!, thank goodness Terry, the framer at Michael's has become a friend), we were, all three of us, happy with the result: a frame of burnished gold with flecks of patina green that is reminiscent of distressed bamboo, a simple mat that is an exact match in color for the beads in the water under the bridge, as well as the darker teal of the satin stitches surrounding the lantern corners, and an inner accent of burnished gold and black.

Ten days later, we got it home, and noticed the green patina is also an exact match for with the mat!! :D


Tracy J said…
OMG, this is gorgeous!
Bev said…
3 hrs but worth it!!
ana~stitch said…
That is SO gorgeous!! I was never really interested in this mandala(tho I do own the pattern) but after seeing yours and arabica's it's moved up to the top of the list!! I love all the details and intricate work. Beautiful pic and the mat and frame are perfect. It took me a long time to pick my frame for Taj, and ended up with a "frame-within-a-frame". Needless to say- very expensive!!
Joysze said…
Thanks guys! :D

Ana, I so want to see a framed picture of your Taj!!! I bet it's gorgeous.

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