New Bead Holder

DH has been saying for awhile now that we should find me a better way to store beads when I'm stitching. I had a little tray that would sit next to my scroll stand, that while sufficient, would move around when I shift.

After dinner last night, we stopped in to HomeGoods for a look-see, and he found these crystal tea light holders and they were perfect!! Nice and deep, and yet wide enough for me to pick the beads up easily. Most importantly, they are heavy, which means that I can shift around to my heart's content and not worry about these tipping over! I can't wait to use them when I start beading Taj.

What do you guys use for your beads when you're stitching?


Tracy J said…
I use a very small tin like the ones that the smaller altoids come in and Michael's has some long, skinny ones and I put double sided tape on the inside of the tin to keep the beads from falling out. There is a picture of it on one of my blog posts.
Bev said…
i like them for the bead storage and tea lights!
i have a plastic hinged tray with about 20 compartments, i had them all sorted our with the labels for the differtn colours from mill hill in each compartment.

that was until my daughter knocked it over and it was like in slow motion, me trying to grab it beads flying everywhere in the room, i was not a happy bunny, we picked a lot up but now they are all mixed up, no idea which is which and a load went up the vac, i wont make the same mistake with the beads i have for my next new start
ana~stitch said…
I like your tea light idea! I use a container that snaps shut individually, so I only have the ones open that I'm working on currently. It's a constant prob w 2 kids and 4 cats, lol! :)
Joysze said…
Tracy, I'm going to spend some time digging through your blog archives. :D

Bev, oh my goodness, I can see you waving your arms around trying to catch every falling bead!!! I wonder if you use the mixed-up beads as a variegated "thread" effect on a project.

Ana *giggle* I can only imagine.
Shelleen said…
For beading , I use a Tacky Bob. Here is a site and scroll about 3/4 of the way down to see one.
bren9217 said…
OMG Joyce - this is perfect! So much better than the plastic lightweight ones I have been using - I may have to copy your idea if you don't mind *giggle* (Now if only I could finish something........)
jcat0629 said…
I love them! They are so pretty! How will you cover them though when not stitching?
Joysze said…
Bren.... I can't wait for you to use yours too!!! ;)

Jen Jen... I figured since I only bead at the end of a project, I'll just pour out what I need and then repack the beads.

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