Orchids - My Other Passion

When I was growing up, my dad used to have our front porch filled with orchids. I remember all the different sizes of clay pots stacked neatly in rows, waiting for him to decide when and how to repot his gorgeous orchids. To this day, when I see orchids I think of my dad, and when we moved into our condo a couple of years ago, I told him that the first thing we have to do when my parents visited is to go buy orchids for our balcony. Two phaelonopsis and a dendrobium later, my little orchid garden has begun!! These are the phals in bloom earlier this year:

Of course, it's impossible to stop at just three. ;) And numerous additions later, we found ourselves planning for a trellis on the middle column wall on the balcony. The trellis shopping was the easy part, and once hubby decided on the best way to hang them up, we went shopping. :D

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Mickey's Orchids and came home with two of their hybrids of Lady of the Night (brassavola nodosa). These babies are so fragrant at night.

My second BC. Hippodami, the first one was a birthday gift from Peggy, and resides on the patio table.
I'm not sure if this is BC. Ann Hamilton or BC. Memoria Stu Hamilton. Will have to wait for the flower to bloom in the next couple of day.

TA-DAH! The trellis. :D I'm hoping the oncidium on the bottom left will start to spike again soon.  The two smaller pots on the top left are actually keikis (babies) I've repotted from the original dendrobium. I'm hoping the 'ladies' will be happy here as they will get lots of afternoon sun in the winter months.


Janaina said…
I share your passion here! Love orchids too! =)
Bev said…
i love orchids, but they dont seem, to love me, love the ones you have!

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