Roses for Sabrina

It sure was a nice change stitching her gloves and roses. The reds and pinks pop so wonderfully against the neutrals of her dress. I'm not a stitching snob, and I'm perfectly happy with DMC, silks, linens, aida, jobelan... whatever it might be. But I have to say, there is soooo much pleasure stitching with silks and Waterlilies has to be one of my favorites.

I want to say Sabrina is almost there, since she's only missing her head and small back, but then I'm reminded of the massive amount of beading still to be done. Small matter, since I'm falling more and more in love with her as I near completion.


ana~stitch said…
She's so pretty, Joyze!! What a wonderful gift!
ana~stitch said…
Oops. also I put you on my blogroll, hope that's ok...
Isadarena said…
Ho Joyze !!! your sabrina is looking so pretty ... Happy stithcing :-))
Joysze said…
Thanks girls!!!

And Ana, of course it's ok, I have you on mine too (except it's in a link) and I hope it's ok. :D

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