Sabrina Has A Face!

Hellooooooo, gorgeous!!


Kit said…
YAY J she's looking beautiful! :D

And wow you stitch fast *looks at neglected x-stitch lying forlornly on the table*
ana~stitch said…
So pretty! This is on my to-do list....someday. :)
Joysze said…
H, you'll get there.... more things to worry about right now than stitching. :)

Ana, thanks! You'll love stitching her.
bren9217 said…
OMG Joyce! She's gorgeous! Wonderful job!!
Anonymous said…
very beautiful !
best regards
Tracy J said…
Lovely progress.
Wendy said…
thank you so much for your lovely posts on my blog !
your Mira is looking so besutiful, cannot wait to start another one myself again !
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, she is beautiful !
Sabrina is very pretty face and neat embroidery.

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