Sabrina - Stitching's Done!!

Yipppeeeee!! All the stitching is done, done, DONE!!! How exquisite is she? :D Color-wise, this picture pretty close to IRL. I am so pleased with how the blue-gray of her skirt and the fabric and the golden brown of her hair and fabric play off each other!!

I really should have unscrolled her and taken a moment to enjoy this milestone and snap a picture of the entire piece before beading, but the sparkly little things were too tempting, and I hopped right into it. Here's a sneak peak to whet your appetites. ;)


Andie said…
Shes beautiful! Congrats! I'm looking forward to seeing her finished :D
ArabicaMix said…
I marvel at the execution.
Joysze, is in your hands, Sabrina has blossomed, as rose.
With the decorations, it looks like a queen.
(I hope I've written and you will understand.)
Joysze said…
Thanks Andie, I can't wait to see yours when you get some time to work on her.

Svelana, you write like a poet, and I fully understand. :) Thank you.
Tracy J said…
Very nice. Love the color combo and the beads/bling.
ana~stitch said…
She's GORGEOUS!! I love her delicate face and the fabric is stunning!
Wendy said…
wauw, she is so beautifull, and my, you really work fast !
can´t wait to see a picture of her when she is completed.

I see you have a blogroll to now, thank you so much for insluding me !
Joysze said…
Thanks girls.... if I'm really good, I'll be finishing her tonight. :D

Wendy, you're welcome. :D
Bev said…
i completely agree with everyone, she is completely stunning, one day i will stitch a mirabilia. A BIG congrats to you
Isadarena said…
Many congatulations to you Joysze, she is really gorgeous :-))
I can't wait to see her finished !!
Kit said…
Wow! Are you finished yet? She's so beautiful - already stunning without the beading... can't wait to see her all done!
vEr0n!c@ said…
Want to see more! I absolutely love the blue/gray and gold/brown effects too. Gorgeous!

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