So Close Yet So Far

A few close friends and me had decided to SAL this weekend. Just a "let's stitch together, no matter what it is, and know we're doing this together" kinda thing. I haven't checked in with the others, but Brenda sent me her 1st Corinthians WIP by My Big Toe Designs and it looks awesome!!!

As for me, well, I didn't stitch as much as I'd have liked. Somehow between chores and cooking and cleaning, the weekend blazed by. I really need to rally for those permanent 3-day weekends. Wanna join me? *grin*

Anyway, there are a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of beading in Sabrina's skirt. All those petite black beads are everywhere, and I actually found a few sticking on my butt last night from being dropped onto the couch!!!!! HAHAHA!!

If all goes well, she'll be done tonight. I'm anticipating another few hundred beads? OH!! When I was stitching Japanese Garden, I found the perfect padding for working with beads on my scroll frame. 2 layers of thin batting!!! It's awesome

Thanks for checking in. I so enjoy reading your comments. :D


ana~stitch said…
C'mon Joy - You can do it!! I like beading, but not days and days of it....
It really does add something to the finished piece, it's like "putting its jewelry on".

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