Taj Mahal Garden - A New Start!!!

Have I mention before that I hate new starts? LOL!!!

I love the planning stages..... the decision about the fabric–linen or evenweave, light or dark, the endless hours doing fabric layovers in Photoshop, then holding the fabric in my eager hands; feeling the silks and playing with the kreiniks and beads, making sure the drooling is contained; perusing the chart, and studying all the little symbols (LOL! I'm a nut, yes I know); the anticipation of what it's going to look like when it's finished and up on the wall. You guys know what I mean, right?

Then, dun-dun-dun... The Start. Looking at a huge expanse of empty fabric, forlorn and totally devoid of stitches; looking over at the chart, with all those tiny squares and tinier symbols; and thinking "holy moly, this is going to take forever!!"

Those first few stitches, all the time spend counting and recounting to make sure each stitch is in the right place, so I don't have to commit amphibian-murder *giggle*, take forever. But as the layers start to build, the anticipation creeps back in, slowly but surely, till excitement is back in full bloom. And the finish is back in sight! If I squint really hard whilst looking through a telescope. ;)


Wendy said…
it looks nice, lovely colors !
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, nice start!
Always interesting and a bit scary to start a new big project. Good luck.
ana~stitch said…
Looking delish already!! I love the colors in this one!
Esther said…
Lolzzz I know what you mean ;))
Thats the way I start all my new works too!
vEr0n!c@ said…
"Amphibian Murder" That made me giggle. Your stitches look so delicate and the colours are so pretty.

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