Two Orchids, A Fountain, and A Frog....

.... walked onto a balcony.

"What a lovely view," thought the orchids. "Look at that trellis! It's the perfect place to reside and enjoy the sun during the day."

Happily they settled in, soaking up the rays, relaxing in the breeze, basking in the glow of being pampered and doted upon.

"What's this?" thought the fish to his fountain. "An empty corner? Just for us???"

Doing a quick 360 to make sure no one is going to sneak up and steal it from right under them, they quickly set up shop, making beautiful music gurgling splashes into the water and rocks.

The frog looked around and scoffed at his companions. "What a dump! Who wants to lay out here all day, do nothing, and show off?"

Off he hopped to wandered around, and happened to peered through the french door. "What's that I see? Someone stitching?? She looks contented... maybe too much so," he thought gleefully and set about to distract her.

Many a small and precise stitch later, the stitcher realized to her horror that the frog* had somehow found a way in and all the love and care she put into her piece over the last hour amounted to nothing!

Now, this stitcher, as kind and genteel a soul as she is ;), wouldn't have minded if the frog had stayed out in the balcony with his pals. She wouldn't have minded his ugly face, his slimy body, nor his annoying croak* out there. But as things stood.....

Here lies Mr. Frog... who shouldn't have stuck his nose where it didn't belong!

*In the world of stitching, 'frog' or 'frogging' refers to when stitches have to be unstitched or ripped out, resulting in a "Rip-it... rip-it" sound.


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