Christmas Decorations

Instead of heading out shopping on Black Friday, we put up Christmas decorations. This is something I look forward to for quite a few weeks before-hand. We don't do too much apart from putting the trees up. We used to have just an inside tree, but a couple of years ago, I bought a smaller one from Target's clearance for $2. It was 90% off and who could resist??! So, since then we also have an outside tree. :D

This year, there was the extra excitement of a few new ornaments and garlands from Michaels... purchased at 40% off their regular price plus an extra 20% off on top of that!! It seems like more and more ornaments get added to our tree every year, and it's nice to revisit old ornaments and reminisce.

Inside tree. We started the tradition of a yearly ornament and this year's ornament is a skiing moose that's hand-made in Germany.

Outside tree. The decorations are really simple on this one.
Just a string of lights and some red flowers.

Front gate and side rails all decked out in poinsettia garlands.

Front door. The wreath on the door is self-made and at least 10 years old.

The little drummer boy was handcrafted in Germany.

Nativity Scene.

When do you guys put up your Christmas decorations? Do you go all out or keep with tradition? I would LOVE to see some pictures of your decorations. :D


Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce,your different trees with their decorations are relly gorgeous!!
For us, we usually put up our Christmas decorations about the 15th of December :-)
Oh ! where are you living Joyce ?I ask you this question because I see in your photos palm trees as we have, here in Brittany:-)
Enjoy your Sunday,
Elisa said…
How beautiful to see all. I go a little further noses on your site.
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze hello! In Russia, Christmas on January 7. Did you know? At night, Dec. 31, we celebrate New Year. We decorate the holiday tree on December 25-27. Your home for Christmas is very beautiful.
Kit said…
We decorate on 16 Dec as it's a public holiday in SA.

We currently just have a small (50cm) artificial Xmas tree, which came with decorations, and we have some Xmas lights and tinsel. The lights are wayyyy too big for our tree so they've been hung around Dude's 'cabinet' (a glorified TV stand). I also have a Breyer Xmas horse: Wintersong (, but he hasn't yet become a part of the tradition in our house as we've felt so 'inbetween' living here and were waiting for Aus before establishing our customs! Also, I'm not sure how exactly he'll pass Customs/Quarantine since the baskets contain little pinecones...

Our other Xmas tradition is keeping the decorations up until my Mom's birthday (12 Jan)!
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Joyce
We generally use the 12 days before and 12 days after Xmas rule - but it does depend a bit on when Xmas falls. As it is a Saturday this year we will put our tree up on 11 or 12 Dec. Last year we didn't put a tree up as we had 6 month old kittens and I could just see them in the tree or rather the tree on top of them... This year will be their first year with the tree - could be interesting!
Stitching Noni said…
PS: I meant to say how gorgeous your trees are, and I love the garland around the front gate :-)
Joysze said…
Thanks gals. :D I'm looking forward to seeing your decorations.

Isa, we're in South Florida, and it's great to know you have the same in Brittany. I'm from Malaysia originally and we have palm trees there as well!!! One of these days we hope to visit France. :D

Svetlana, it's so interesting to learn that Christmas is Jan. 7th in Russia!!! Is that the same every year? Pardon my ignorance.

H, Wintersong is gorgeous!!!! You should put him out this Christmas, kinda as a goodbye to one chapter and a hello to the next. :D

Noni.... I had no idea that your Christmas doesn't fall on the same day In Aussie!!
ArabicaMix said…
We have an old church calendar. The difference in two weeks. We still celebrate Old New Year "a week after our Christmas. A bit ridiculous. Preserved this tradition. Christmas trees are in the house until January 13.
We have just been to Malaysia for our honeymoon, it is an amazing country, we are deff. going to go back. The food is out of this world, we had a street BBQ of octopus!

I have posted my decorations so come over and take a peek! Like you I tend to go traditional, but decorations are really expensive, so once you have a set it is really difficult to change colours. As I have to have a fake tree (dogs, water and electricity being a bad combo) we can put ours up at the start of December. There are no falling needles to worry about :-)
Isadarena said…
Oh !! Oh!! Joyse , when you visit France, I'll be very delighted to invite you in our home....I am smiling because I was telling you about palm trees and we have had a lot of snow since three days :-( I don't like at all the snow !!
South florida must be a pretty country as well as Malaysia, musn't it ??
Enjoy your week-end,
Joysze said…
Charlie, I was just over at your blog and your tree is beautiful! I'm with you on Malaysian food. Apart from my family, that's the thing I miss the most. My parents are actually visiting next year for Chinese New Year, and I'll be sending a list of food request for them to bring. ;) I bet the BBQ octupus was yummy, huh? :D

Isa, I would loooooove to visit you, and you know I'll be spending all my time oohing and aahing over your stitching. :D Awww, I'm sorry you don't like the snow. :( I miss the snow... when we lived in the midwest, winter was my 2nd favorite season after Spring. I hope warmer days get to you soon. South Florida is just like Malaysia, mostly hot with lots of tropical plants and palm trees. Is it the same where you are?
Isadarena said…
Joyce, it would be really wonderful if you could visit us and I would hear your ah and oh!! and you would work with me in my craftroom :-)
To tell you the truth, I don't like the snow because I am always afraid to fall dawn and broke me, in Brittany, the weather is generally not very chilly during the winter but always wet !!I have been living in Africa and South america for thirty years and I really miss their warm temperatures ....
Joysze said…
Isa.... that would be soooooo awesome to stitch together. Africa.... no kidding!! I just sent you a YUKU message. :D

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