Cirque du Soleil's Kooza

We saw our first Cirque du Soleil show eleven years ago. Since watching O, one of hubby's things-to-do is to try and watch every one of their shows and to date, we have seen seven of them: O, Dralion, La Nouba (twice), Varekai, Corteo, Saltimbanco, and today, Kooza.

The year we saw Dralion, we drove down to Dallas from Oklahoma City (where we were visiting family) during Thanksgiving. It's something we look back upon fondly, as it was the only time we bought VIP tickets, which included hors d'ouevres, champagne, special gifts, and hang-out time in a separate tent with some of the characters from the show.

Every two years around this time, a new Cirque du Soleil show travels to Miami, and coincides with hubby's birthday. This year, it was Kooza, and as usual, I purchased our tickets the minute they went on sale. One goes to a Cirque show expecting a certain level of "wow"-ness. You expect to see the high level of skill amongst the performers, the comic relief, and the versatility of the musicians.

After months of waiting, today was the day, and all I can say is WOW!!! I haven't seen a show this good from them since Dralion, nine years ago. Everything flowed beautifully, from one act to another and as expected, the music was great, and we were pleasantly surprised that they had quite a bit of Indian influence in this show. But what stunned us were a few of the out-of-the-world-acts.

For this show, we will always remember the "Wheel of Death", which had the audience going back and forth between gasping in awe and horror as the two performers rotate these two gigantic wheels while doing heart-stopping acrobatics at least 50 feet high; and the "High Wire" act was unlike any other we've seen.

I read online that there was also a juggling act but unfortunately that wasn't included in our show today. It's ok though, I think the juggler we saw in Dralion was the ultimate in perfection!! :D


Stitching Noni said…
I think Cirque du Soleil are fantastic - have seen Dralion and Saltimbanco. They are due back in Australia next year so we will be going again!!
ana~stitch said…
Wow! what a cool video! The only Cirque I've seen live was Cirque Du Mer at Seaworld in San Diego last summer. That was pretty amazing too. :)
Ailin said…
Hi Cousin, I am so glad you are enjoying your mini vacation. The video looks amazing. I hope to attend a Cirque performance one of these days. Huggles...
Joysze said…
Noni, that's awe3some!!! Which show will you be seeing next year?

Ana, gonna need to check out Cirque du Mer the next time we're at SeaWorld.

Hey Cousin! :D I took zebra pics for you... need to think more clearly before doing a post. Hehehe. Huggles.

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