A Different Kind of Pretties

It's coming up to phalaenopsis blooming season and I'm hoping that my babies start to spike soon. It usually takes them awhile to gather steam but come early next year, they should be in full bloom. *finger crossed*

A couple of months ago, I saw some little leaves spring out on an old spike on these pink ones, and I was ecstatic to have a forerunner among the crowd!! I guess decided to greet winter a little early this year.

Here are new blooms on my dark pink 'lady of the night' (brassavola nodosa). The weather is getting nice enough for us to sit out in the patio now, and it makes for the perfect end-of-the-day treat to lounge out there with a glass of wine and unwind to the smell of these gorgeous blooms.


Isadarena said…
Hello Joyce, your orchids are just fabulous : I Love these so special flowers .
Joysze said…
Isa, I'm with you on loving orchids. There's just something about them that are sooooooo special, huh?
Stitching Noni said…
Hi Joyce, stunning orchids. They put mine to shame... Our neighbours were throwing their orchids out last year so we rescued them and split them and now we have babies... 2 of them had a flower spike recently (I forgot to take a photo!) - fingers crossed as they grow we get some more flowers next year.
Joysze said…
Noni, I'm sure your orchids are going to look fabulous soon with all your tender loving care. Can't wait to see some pics... it's always so exciting seeing them spike! :D

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