$%@^#*% Frog

I just discovered that I used 2-plies instead of 1 for the half crosses of the skies behind Taj Mahal. I kept thinking that the sky was awfully blue, and it wasn't until I finished backstitching around the Taj's that I read my handwritten note about the 1-ply.

Not sure what I'm going to do at the moment. Hubby thinks I should let it be till the specialty stitches are done and then re-visit the look. But I have a feeling that with the morning light, I'll be frogging those damn stitches out.

Right now, I can't be bothered. So the damn frog can bask in his glory for awhile longer while I go play Wii. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!


vEr0n!c@ said…
Ouch! I'm sorrie to hear the frogs have been to visit :( They're such a PitA.
Grrr! A frog visited me last night too. If it has to come out, best to do it straight a way in my case. I'm a messy stitcher and I find that I split the plys with new stitching making frogging impossible :-(
Isadarena said…
Oh Joyce, that is bad if you aren't happy with your stitches but do you think it is really awful???
Just a little advice : keep the time to think peacefully :-)) put aside your fabric and wait for a few days before looking at it again ...
You'll met us know about what you decide !!
Joysze said…
Isa, yes.... it was awful! LOL!!! The frogging is all done and I've restitched both sections and now they look much better. :D

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