Lion Country Safari

It's been awhile since hubby and I took some time off. We take the occasional day off work here and there for appointments and errands, but this past weekend was ours to do something instead of just sitting at home. Since his birthday was on the 16th, we decided to make a 4-day weekend out of it, starting with Kooza.

We've been talking about going to Lion Country Safari for a long while, but we're good with putting things like that off. There's always an excuse: "when the weather is better," "when we have more time," "one of these days"....

Well, Monday was THE DAY!!! We got up bright at early, at 8am, and were out the door by 9:30. It was a perfect day in South Florida–clear blue skies, puffy white clouds, nice warm sun couple with soothing breezes.

The park itself was awesome!!!! We got so up close and personal with the animals there that it closely rivaled our safari trips in Africa. My two favorite animals are the lion and giraffe. Unfortunately, they have the lions behind enclosures, so we didn't take any pictures of them. However, I got to feed the a giraffe... OMG!!! I was so happy! :D and another one came really close to us when we were on the drive through safari. Words seem so inadequate to describe the beauty of these animals so I will just post a few pictures here and say that it was "a great time for our souls."

I wish I could see this waterfall every day!!

For more pictures and videos: LION COUNTRY SAFARI ALBUM.


Stitching Noni said…
Stunning photos...
Looks like it was a wonderful mini break:-)
Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, it looks like you spent a lovely time there and how are stunning all the photos you took . Thaks for sharing them with us.
Have a great day,
Sexy Fairy said…
I was wondering where you are, good that you have a very nice holidays. I love the back of the zebra's, use a little bit imagination and it really looks like women legs with zebra stockings lol.
Esther said…
Wow lovely pictures!
We have the same kind of park over here and the lions behind enclosures also. There were too many people who thought they could open their windows a bit....don't have to tell what was happening then... :(
Thanks for sharing....those beautiful skies are so is jealous ;)
Joysze said…
Esther, I think that's what happened here as well, cos the lions used to roam free. Sigh!

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