Petal Fairy

As usual, the "Darth Planner" (a friend's nickname for me that stuck) in me has started thinking about the next project. Never mind that Taj Mahal isn't even 1/5 done, never mind that a new start will not see the light of day till 2011, never mind that there's a Chatelaine "WIP Kill" to slay, 'we' want to plan NOW!!! ;)

My next project is probably going to be something I've loved for years and years–Mirabilia's Petal Fairy–she's always spoke to me, it was like a love-lust-desire-want, all of that rolled in, at first sight.

There is this wall that you see coming out of the guest bathroom and there's nothing on it but an electrical panel that I've painted the wall color, and after much thought and deliberation, hubby and I decided that Miss Petal could be perfect there. I say 'could' cos sometimes, things just don't work out as planned.... but regardless, at the end of it all, I'll have Petal Fairy stitched!!! :D

Ok, so, here is where I am... I've narrowed it down to 4 Picture This Plus fabbies: Glory, Heather, Masquerade, and Rosewood. I think it's pretty safe to say that Masquerade and Rosewood are out, at the moment, and my favorite is Heather (which also happens to be the name of a friend :D).

What do you guys think?



Isadarena said…
Hum !!! it is so difficult to choose the good fabbie .....but here, my favorite one is the fabbie called " heather " ...I hope that other girls help you too :-))
It is such a sweet design !!
demeter83 said…
I have to say that I like Masquerade, she stands out nicely against that, but they do all look lovely.
Joysze said…
LOL! Thanks guys for your input, I really value them. I'm split between the Heather and Masquerade as well... I love how Heather blends in beautifully with the design and how Masquerade is such a contrast. Hmm... decisions, decisions. :D
Kit said…
Teehee I think the Heather one is nice too... ;-)

...but Masquerade looks like the best match to me, cos the blueish tone 'agrees' with her wings - wings typically being translucent or transparent to some degree - and the other colours stand out against the fabric colour.

I agree with you on Rosewood being a no-go, and with Glory the colours in the design are kinda eaten by the fabric.

*guhhh, let me press 'publish comment' before I descend into a fit of indecision*
Joysze said…
Hmmmm excellent point on the wings, H. Definitely something to mull over....
ana~stitch said…
I really like it on Rosewood and Masquerade. For me it pops the most on these!
Esther said…
Hmmmmz I always got trouble to pick the right colours, so my daughter has to choose LOL.
I think it depands on the colour of your wall.
My favorites are Glory and Heather, they fitt for the best in my house ;)))
But hey I dont think you're gonna stitch the fairy for me :D....but I have no problems with it if you should consider it :P
Shelleen said…
I like Glory and Rosewood. Can't wait to see what you chose.
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, choose rather, do not torment us.
I am sure that you choose the best.
No doubt about it.'ve seen your wonderful choice for Sabrina.
I like Heather.
Sexy Fairy said…
I vote for Heather and Masquerade as well, though leaning more towards Heather.
I just adore the rosewood, for me she really pops on that, but after your amazing choice for Sabrina I am feeling a little too humble to have a strong opinion! xx

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