Taj Mahal Garden - East & West Taj's Done

I'm very happy to report that Thanksgiving has been kind to me time-wise so far. Of course, it probably helped that we didn't hit any sales for Black Friday. *giggle*

Soooooo, all the stitching for both the East and West Taj's are done. I have never stitched so many algerian eyelets in differing shades in my life!!!! And since they have to be pulled taut, my poor little fingers were not too happy at all, but they got over it as soon as they saw how gorgeous the eyelets are!

The floss color for the backstitching around the sheaf stitches that took me awhile to figure out as it wasn't in the instructions. After lots of reading and sifting through previously asked questions, I finally found Martina's reply that this is to be stitched with PB02. (For my friends who will be stitching this later, do take a note of this.)

There are quite a few variety of specialty stitches in these little sections: the algerian eyelets (as previously mentioned), blackwork for the honeycomb shapes, rhodes stitches, rice stitches (these are found right under the roofs), sheaf stitches, and Jessica stitches combine together for a spectacular effect!! Martina is an amazing designer!!


Stitching Noni said…
Hi Joyce, this looks gorgeous. Isn't it great to see it taking shape :-)
Isadarena said…
Wow !! Joyce, you have done a lot on your Taj and that looks really stunning : like you, I love the eyelets : they always give a beautiful look to a piece .
Have a nice week-end and Happy stitching ,
vEr0n!c@ said…
Your TMG is stunning! That's a LOT of specialty stitches. Frankly, I gotta admit that kinda scares me, even thou I do love Martina's designs.
Agnieszka said…
Thank you for your information about PB02.

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