Taj Mahal Mandala - Portals

The past week has been really a really tiring and hectic one, and I didn't get to stitch as much as I'd have liked but I'm happy to report that the East and West portals are done. :D What I thought was a lot of peach stitches in the framework, from looking at pictures online, was actually Waterlilies' Frangipani floss-a delightful mixture of soft pinks, peaches, and cream.

I'm so glad I thought to take a picture of the portal before the scroll work went in, as it totally changed the look. The floss is actually a charcoal color, but it looks to be an almost delightful bluish-purple against the frangipani, doesn't it? It's too bad the sparklies of the Treasure Braids doesn't show up, cos they sparkle so beautifully and with such subtlety around the portals.

I'm well and truly smitten with this design. The colors are so reminiscent of India for me, from the variety of colors in the center, so the pinks and golds of the portals. I can't wait to discover what the next section of stitching will showcase!!


Stitching Noni said…
Your work is beautiful. I look forward to checking back regularly to see what else you have added

Isadarena said…
Hey Joyce, you made a nice progress on your Taj Mahal : this design is so gorgeous !!
Have a nice day,
vEr0n!c@ said…
Gosh, your photos show the intricate complexity of the design every time. Love it! Do continue showing more pics. I'm enjoying watching your progress.
Esther said…
wow nice progress, its beautiful!

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