2011 Stitching List

I think I shall keep my stitching to-do list very simple for 2011 since I'm planning a few big projects and such a one-at-a-timer. True to form, I'll probably end up planning for lots of things in the new year and add in small projects here and there, so this is going to be a very loose list.

1. Finish Taj Mahal Mandala.
2. Start Fire by Maria J. William (Stab and Stash) - this will be an ongoing SAL with EK and Novia.
3. Start Panthera Leo by Steven Paul Carlson (HAED) when Taj is finished.
4. Finish Namaste.
5. A big Mira - Petal Fairy is probably the forerunner
6. A small Mira - "M" for my neighbor
7. A Dimensions Daydreams or something along those lines.

Of course, I'm not accounting for those crazy times when I go hog wild about some SAL I have to join or a new Chatelaine or Mira that needs to be stitched right away. ;)


Lesleyanne said…
Looking forward to seeing your projects in 2011.
Mercury said…
You have surprising plans for next year!!!! I have delight when I read your plans. I with pleasure shall visit you and to admire your projects. I wish your of good luck in to New year!

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