Taj Mahal Garden - Left and Right Flower Borders

I'm 1/3 done with Taj!! :D Or I have 2/3 of Taj to go... depending on how you see it. Being the consummate optimist that I am, I choose to think that I'm 1/3 of the way there. ;)

The left and right flower borders are done, as are the outer borders of the paisley ornaments. I'm resisting adding all the bling in till the end, but there have been many a times where I was very tempted to add a few in... just to see. ;)

Right flower border
Left flower border

I've scrolled the fabric down and will be working on the upper portion next, and I find myself back to staring forlornly at a section of bare and empty fabric, wondering how long it's going to take to fill it up.


Pauline said…
It,s amazing! Very, very beautiful!
Ineke said…
Your Taj stitching is beautiful!
You could start adding the bling if you put a layer of quiltbatting on it when you roll the finished part on the scrollbars. I always do this and the bling doesn't damage, even the big crystals stay in perfect shape.
ana~stitch said…
YAY, so gorgeous!! Don't you just love the details in this one!
Isadarena said…
Oh Joyce, your Taj is coming along more and more wonderful : it will be a heirloom you'll treasure for many years ...I love your photo : how are pretty the flowers : very nice stitching :-))
Andie said…
Absolutely gorgeous! And it seems to be stitching up fast to me!!
Kit said…
Stunning! Just beautiful!
Joysze said…
Thanks, girls!!! :D

Ineke, when I bead at the end, like you, I use the quiltbatting, and isn't that just the best? I mostly bead at the end cos it's like putting the jewelry on after one is all dressed up, but tempting, tempting..... :D

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