Busted Light Bulb

I'm out a stitching light... siiiiiiigh.

Our thermostat broke 2 nights ago and we found out that it had to be replaced with a special thermostat for only HVAC systems. So the guy came yesterday and we moved my OttLite to the foyer so that he'd have a more focused light to work with.

Well... the light bulb must have gotten loose or something because when we moved it back, it fell out and shattered!!!! So now, I have to find a replacement and I hope I can, as the light I have is out of production. :(


Wendy said…
ay, that is to bad !
I´m so lucky that I can stitch with my normal lamp on, in the eavening.
but with this dark grey weather ( winter ) we are having over here I often find I can no longer stitch with just day light.
I don´t mind winter, but when it comes to the light I do prefere summer !
Andie said…
Oh! That sux! Hope you can find a replacement!!
You and Me said…
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Anonymous said…
Oops! That's bad! I hope you found a replacement...
On the other hand... What I did for my students )(who don't have the money to afford a real "Daylight Company" lamp (the cheaper we can find around here is 150,- euros)
I bought them cheap office lamps from Ikea and bought them Daylight Co. 20W Bulbs with edison screw. That way they'll have a good stitching lamp for stitching at a more than reasonable price.

Buying just the bulbs and putting them in your regular lamps is more than a good and cheap solution to this problem :-)

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