Lunar Eclipse

There was a lunar eclipse early this morning which started at around 1:15am EST and lasted for about 50 minutes. Hubby, FIL, and I sat out in the courtyard for this marvel. We were blessed with a nice cool night and clear skies. The moon was right above us, and it was such a wonder to behold as we watched it change from the bright full moon into what resembled a basketball in the sky!!

I wanted a self-documentation of the event and took some pictures with our little Canon camera, which aren't great, to say the least, but it tells the story.








For some really great pictures by the professionals, check out THIS LINK.


Wendy said…
wauw, that looks amazing !
Great pictures, I saw it too from my bedroom window, half way around the world. Isn't it incredible to think just how small the world is. I'm going to hold that thought and your pictures in my heart this Christmas to remind me to spread some love to other sheep this Christmas! xxx
Sexy Fairy said…
So the moon disappear.. and then... it should be back round again right?? Where were you!!!! Too hiks to take the pics??? LOL

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