Master Bath Facelift

We were fortunate enough to buy our place new, from the builder, a couple of years ago. We love the layout and design of our place, with the exception of the cabinet door colors, especially in our master bath.

I wanted a peaceful zen feel in the master bath, so we decorated in a Japanese style (which is weird, since neither one of us is Japanese).  Also, I have stitched so many japanese pieces that this seems like a great room to hang them in.

The water closet is separate and has it's own door from the main bath, and in here we hung up a few pictures that hubby took of the Morikami Museum.

The main bathroom had light color cabinets and framed shower doors, which we hated. First, the oak-ish color just did not go with a Japanese theme and second, cleaning that shower is not the easiest thing, since water tend to get into the grooves, nooks, and crannies. And then, there was the problem of the empty wall which is the first thing you see when you walk in. Nothing seemed to fit there.


We did the easiest thing first and added a trim around the mirror. Then we painted the cabinets a nice deep espresso brown.

A few months later, we got a frameless shower door installed and the difference is night and day! The room feels so open now and cleaning it is a breeze.

Then, the big elephant of a wall. Hubby had wanted to build screens to fit the entire wall for a long, long time and I kept telling him that it's not a good idea and that it'd take too much work. (Duh me!!!!) Finally, we decided that it was worth a try and thus started the 4 weekend process:

Painter's tape on the wall to outline the design. Hubby did some research and found a historical Japanese screen pattern.

Materials: 3 pieces of wood backing board and 3 sizes of wood.

In progress:
The picture on the left shows how each section of the screen has to be painstakingly measured before the pieces are glued in. The picture on the right shows the staples that he initially used that didn't work well. He figured out countersinking screws was the best way to go.

Measuring for the perfect fit.

2 down, 1 to go.

All done!!!!



Esther said…
Wow!! This is so beautifull....
I love the screens!!!
Pauline said…
your house/home is very beuatiful! what a lot of work you,ve done there! A great job!
ArabicaMix said…
Your home is cozy and beautiful. I see that you love your home.
Japanese garden looks good in this place.
I really like the result of your work.
ana~stitch said…
Awesome remodeling! Do you worry about moisture w your stitched pieces?
Stitching Noni said…
Wow, what a stunning transformation. It looked pretty good before but it looks amazing now! You both should be very proud of what you have achieved. And your stitching looks great. Never tried to put stitching in the bathroom - always thought that the steam would affect it.
Well done :-)
Joysze said…
Thanks for all the compliments, girls. :D

Ana and Noni, the bathroom door is always open, even when we're showering.... shameless huh? LOL!!! As a result, there aren't any condensation. Same goes for when I'm taking a bath. There is so much airflow that the room pretty much stays the same humidity as the rest of the house.
Kit said…
Wowweeeee that looks great!!! One day we're going to have a nice house too and... and... I *won't* steal your ideas and stuff LOL! I can't wait until we have our own place one day :D

Congrats on the wonderful redesign :D
Wendy said…
your bathroom looks so beautifull, love the japanese theme !
and your husband did a great job on the panels, really nicely done !
Isadarena said…
What a wonderful transformation of your bath-room and how I love how you managed it now: you gave me a nice idea for the door of the shower-room since I have the same problem with the water which remains easily in the grooves :-( It is really funny because our bath-room is also in the japanese style: I'll took pictures for you :-))
Your Japanese Garden frame looks very nice here: great idea !!
Joysze said…
H, of course you'll have a nice house soon. Once you get moved and settled in, I want pictures!!! ;)

Isa, I can't wait to see your pictures!!! Keep me updated on what you decide about your shower doors. :D
aflyingneedle said…
It looks great!!

The screens really lift it and the pictures really suit it. Which Chatelaine can you see in the mirror?
Joysze said…
The Chatelaine is Japanese Garden Mandala. :)

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