Merry Christmas Everyone!

Growing up, my memories of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ. We went to church and afterwards, just hung out at home. As I got older, I'd buy little gifts for my parents (I don't think my brother got any LOL!!!) while still focusing on the meaning of Christmas.

I've kept that close to my heart through my adult life and on every Christmas Day I wake up and say "Happy Birthday Jesus!" For me, it is a time to reflect on the true meaning of of the season and to enjoy time with family and friends. I love listening to Christmas Carols and just be appreciative of the Gift that was given to us.

What does Christmas mean to you? What are you favorite memories? And how do you celebrate it?


Pauline said…
Hello Joyce,

My favorite memory was going to the church, all the lights down...only candlelight and a very beautiful christmasstory. ( I was a little child).
Now i enjoy the christmasdays with my kids and my friend.
And i,m still going to church to sing with the chore.
I wish you happy and fine days!
ArabicaMix said…
Meaning of Christmas for me - it's kindness and love, we must share with each other. That Christ taught us that our soul has become lighter.
Dear friends, Merry Christmas!
Regards from Russia
Wendy said…
we just went to church, my son did not really like it................
wonder how he will look back on it when he´s older !

happy holidays !
Daffycat said…
Merry Christmas, Joyce!

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