New Year, New Start + Contest

Anyone who knows me know that I'm a sucker for SALs (stitch-a-longs) but, more often than not, despite all my plans for them, I stick pretty closely to being a one-at-a-timer. However, I made an exception to rotate next year for two of my dearest friends, EK and Novia... sisters of my heart.

You see, we have been planning a SAL of Maria William's 5 Elements for a long time. Maria licensed these for charting a few years ago and we purchased them as soon as they were available (EK was going to stitch Metal, Novi... Wood, and me... Fire) but we've kept them patiently waiting. Sometime in October, I promised them a NewYear start on these charts. We're all 3 so busy with our lives that we decided not to commit to any solid SAL timeline other than working on these charts at least once a month. It's our way of doing something "together" despite all that goes on in our lives.

Then... Melinda messaged me about a New Year, New Start Contest she started over at the Enchanted Fabrics BB. The start date is very obviously January 1st *giggle* and the end date for goals met will be February 15th. I'm super excited about this as I'm a serious sucker for WIPs and I can't wait to see what beautiful pieces the ladies will stitch up. I know lots of you have plans for New Starts to welcome in the new year.... so why not head over and join in?? As Melinda said "the more the merrier." :D

BTW, my goal will be to finish 6 pages of this beauty by Feb. 15th. *gulp*


Jennie said…
Hi there, I just wanted to say I loved seeing someone else planning on stitching a Maria Williams design - I've just started stitching on "Velvet and Steel". The 5 elements designs look gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your progress. :)
Andie said…
So glad you will be joining :D Lol... surprised you didn't notice that on my blog :D
demeter83 said…
It looks really lovely... hopefully because it's all grey there weren't be to many colours to work with which'll make it easier to stitch... right? I'm trying to make the 6 pages seem achievable :-)
And by the way - I thought Indian Beauty looked like Aishwarya Rai, nice to know someone else thinks the same!
ana~stitch said…
I love that idea! I'm a sucker for a good SAL too. I'm gonna have to chec it out! :) BTW love that chart!
Joysze said…
Jennie, awesome!!! I went to check out your blog and I can't wait to see your WIP of Velvet and Steel. :D

Andie, I don't know how I missed the info on your blog!!!

Kim, hahaha so when are you starting her?

And Ana, it would be sooooo COOOL for you to join the SAL! :D

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