We met our upstairs neighbors about 6 months ago when they moved into the building and have gotten to know them quite well over the months. They are some of the nicest people we know, and I don't say that lightly.

You know how, as you get older, it gets harder to make friends with people you meet. Oh, it's easy enough staying as acquaintances, you know, the "hi, how are you, bye" kind but I mean true friends. The ones you know you can call on at any time for anything. I've had numerous conversations about this topic with my friends and while we can't quite put a finger on why it is, we all agree that that is the case.

So I count ourselves extremely blessed to have met our neighbors and doubly blessed that we get along so well and genuinely like each other.

For Christmas, to our utter surprise and shock, they bought us a Best Buy GC AND an iPod Touch!! To say I was stunned is an understatement as we weren't exchanging gifts or anything. Here's our new toy:

I'm not sure if many of you know, but we live in South Florida. It's beautiful here most of the year except in the summer time where it just gets altogether too hot!! On the way to work one day about a week ago, with the temperatures plummeting to the high 20s and low 30s at night on a couple of occasions, I was ecstatic to see what I call "our own little slice of Fall colors" on the side of ONE road. I know, I know... it's nothing to write home about, but fall colors was something I always looked forward to when we lived in the Midwest and seeing this on the way to work everyday is such a treat for me.


Wendy said…
you are so right !
I´ve started to think that it was just me, that I had devoloped a social-handicap , but it seems now that more and more people are having the same difficulties.

lovely gift !
I would wonder what to give them ?
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze! I think that your friends feel your good to them.

Joysze, Happy New Year!
Tomorrow at midnight, all in Russia, to the beat of the Kremlin chimes will raise glasses of champagne and make a wish. Я буду желать счастья и здоровья для всех мои друзей ! Для вас, Joysze!
Joysze said…
Wendy, I know right?? So I told them we're taking them out to dinner at this quaint little Vienna Cafe and Wine Bar place, and we're going to pay and they'd better not protest or we won't be friends anymore. LOL!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Svetlana!!!

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